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honey's kettle biscuit mix

Honey’s Kettle Biscuit Mix

Don’t forget to pick up our Buttermilk Biscuit, Pancake and Waffle Mix.
Enjoy the same delicious mix at home!


Ice-Shaker Lemonade

Ice-Shaker Lemonade is a major star in our family of products. When we sought to create a restaurant that combined the best of what’s new with freshly prepared, delicious food, we knew that a signature lemonade had to be in the mix.

Lemonade, after all, is the original soft drink. It harkens the imagination back to the times of Norman Rockwell, whose paintings of “America the Beautiful” included youngsters with curbside lemonade stands. I have often wanted to change the spelling of lemonade to lemonaid because it’s the perfect first-aid remedy for a hot summer day.

Growing up I heard stories about 4th of July picnics in the shadows of giant Magnolias that shaded an old Southern town. Families would gather there for ball games and cookouts. My Grandma Frizzela would supply the lemonade. Every time my father would talk about her lemonade, his face would light up! “The mornings,” he said, “would give way to hot afternoons, but there was something amazing about the mornings. The rooster would crow and the dew would form bubbles on those bright, yellow lemons on the eastside of the house. The sun would sparkle through the leaves and highlight the lemons hanging by their stems. You knew it was harvest time by the plump ones that had already fallen to the ground. The smell of citrus got all in my hands and clothes as I gathered the baskets for mama. Then I would go to the well to pump fresh water over them.

“Not too many people know what a #3 tub is. Yet in every home and farm house, they were always present. They were multi-purpose tubs and mama would pour some fresh drinking water together with a giant block of ice. She clearly followed a recipe by memory because it was always the same: not too sweet, and not too tart. I made it my job to sit next to the tub of lemonade as the flat wagon slowly bumped along the road. You could hear the sloshing of lemons and juice against the block of ice chilling it just right.”

That was the inspiration behind “Ice Shaker Lemonade.”

Chicken the Way it was Meant to Be

Willie James was a legend from those parts. They said as a boy he could pick more cotton than anyone in the Delta region. His sister called him a penny pincher. He could spot a penny like a hawk spots its prey. I knew that was true because by the time I met him he was a millionaire businessman and I saw him bend down and pick up pennies as the rest of us walked by.

There were more colorful personalities in the chicken business such as Cornell Harland Saunders who comes to mind immediately. But perhaps there has never been a man who could make a chicken taste better than Willie James Stennis, my boss. Today his legacy is cemented. The torch that he carried some 50 years is the torch we carry today. Combined we are talking some 90 years of knowledge between he and I.

honey's kettle fried chicken

People often ask me, “How do you get the chicken to taste so good?” Well, when you have cooked more chicken than any fry cook in the history of the business, I suppose you know what it should look like, taste like, eat like, and smell like.

I’ve seen a lot of cooked chickens in my 37 years in the business. One thing I know for sure is how I want my chicken to taste. Now I want to share what I have discovered so every one can enjoy it as I have had over the past years.

Honey, Sweet Honey

Golden, amber honey is a perfect food. Perfect enough to get special mention in the Good Book. Streets flowing with milk and honey suggest a heavenly place. Sweet, pleasant, rich, good to the sight and sound…honey. It rhymes with money, etc.,etc.

At Honey’s Kettle, our product line starts with honey. It complements everything that we do. The way our customers consume honey, you would think we were a honey store. The grade and quality of our honey cannot be matched by supermarket brands. There are many interesting science facts about honey that most people do not know. One curious fact is that honey is the only food produced by insects. It is thought to have medicinal benefits throughout the ages and across many different cultures.

Factoid, did you know that it takes a million bees flying 11,000 miles to produce 1 pound of honey? Honey bees are vital to human survival because they pollinate all sorts of fruits and nuts.

Customers ask all the time, “Do we cook chicken in honey?” The answer to that is, “No. It would burn.” But, when a meat is cooked to perfection with all the love and attention to getting it just right, there is a distinct flavor of sweet that comes out.

buttermilk biscuits

Hot, Buttermilk Biscuits

Our hot, buttermilk biscuits need to be experienced to understand how delightful a piece of bread can be. I see some customers struggle to try to dip them in the small container of honey. But there is a better way. We recommend you drizzle the honey over the dimple we place in the top center or pour it on before each delectable bite. There’s something about watching that magical gold liquid land and stick to each morsel that satisfies the soul.

People from all over the world have breads that came from the old world where they originated. Bagels and Kaiser Rolls are the breads of Middle Easterners. Croissants are French. Sweet breads and tortillas are the choice of Latinos. A biscuit is quintessential American. I come from a family of outstanding bakers. My mother is famous for making Parker rolls which are folded and pinched. An absolutely beautiful roll served especially around Thanksgiving holidays.

My Auntie Lois treated us to her fabulous drop biscuits as a treat for breakfast or rewards after we bathed and washed between our toes. One of life’s simple pleasures, it was always served right from the oven. What distinguished this bread was its irregular surface that made for a crunchy outer texture and moist inside.

Auntie Lois, whom we affectionately called Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith Show, gave us a sense that the home was the center of the heart—a place that closed down to the outside world at a certain time each day. Good things abounded behind those doors.

When I decided to come up with a biscuit product for Honey’s I consulted with my Auntie Lois. Then the testing began. The goal was to make the best buttermilk biscuit of all time — light and golden, delicate and delicious! I was particularly impressed by a story of one of her uncles who was a porter back in New Orleans. He would come in from work in the night hours. His wife would routinely get up to put coffee on and cut and roll biscuits. What a dutiful wife? But to her it was a creed of old. It was better for her to sit with her man, than someone else.

waffle mix

Try Our Biscuit, Pancake And Waffle Mix — Guaranteed To Please!

Take home some of our mix for your family to enjoy at home. It is the same mix we use in our restaurants to make our amazing buttermilk biscuits and hotcakes. Spread the love, freshly prepared in your home.

Award-winning Apple Pie

Honey’s Kettle Apple Pie. Oh boy what an apple pie! I went on a search to come up with a recipe that would make apple pie lovers right at home and glory I found that pie I love. As with most products we are in the business of rediscovering foods that have traditionally brought families lots of joy. Our apple pie is a Blue Ribbon award winning pie according to the American Pie Counsel. One bite and you will see why. The apples are top grade Granny Smith’s sliced to perfection with a slight crunch left in them through the baking process. Lots of apples are used and surrounded in just the right filling spiced to perfection. I am big on crust. This crust cooks up golden, brown, and flakey…you know it is there, but not in the way. People talk as though Italian, French, and Mexican foods are the thing, but when you talk American now that is some good food. Apple pie has no match.

Everything on our Menu is Good–Really

What most people do not know, but will begin to realize is that Honey’s Kettle menu items are each carefully selected and that if it is on our menu you can trust it has to be of the highest quality possible and can compete with anyone else who may specialize in that product. For example, our steak sandwich. Customers think chicken when they come to Honey’s Kettle, but that sandwich is made with fresh premium beef filet mignon, not New York or sirloin. “Why,” you may ask? It is because the filet is my favorite. It is moist, tender, lean, and makes for a top grade sandwich. We do not use Iceberg lettuce because it is way too common. Our tomatoes are vine-ripened and cut to order. The buns are toasted and are a hint potatoey and sweet, always fresh not dry. The grill sauce is one of a kind.

The saying is, do what you love and money will follow. Along that line where there is no passion there can be no glory. Well, we adhere to these aphorisms. Pleasing the palate and providing excellent nutrition that will make you smile, that’s our number one job. That is what we love to do. When you come to my house, we want your dining experience to exceed all expectations because we cook for you like someone would if they had you over their house. We are like private chefs but designed for repeat business by keeping it affordable. Why fuss with grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up when you can grab it from our kitchen and transport it to your home to be served on plates with knives and forks. But if you want it here, you will be in the company of a diverse, energetic crowd who know how to make themselves at home.


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A Fresh, Superior Approach to Fried Chicken!

Food done the old-fashioned way…made from scratch! Featuring our famous hand-dipped, fresh fried chicken, shucked corn, Ice-Shaker Lemonade, sautéed green beans, hand-mashed potatoes, and homemade biscuits with local honey… all freshly prepared, the natural way! Good healthful food, delivered as fast as the old way will allow…that’s Honey’s Kettle. Food done the old-fashioned way…made from scratch! Featuring our famous hand-dipped, fresh fried chicken, shucked corn, Ice-Shaker Lemonade, sautéed green beans, hand-mashed potatoes, and homemade biscuits with local honey… all freshly prepared, the natural way! Good healthful food, delivered as fast as the old way will allow…that’s Honey’s Kettle.


Honey's Kettle Biscuit Mix

Don’t forget to pick up our Buttermilk Biscuit, Pancake and Waffle Mix.

Enjoy the same delicious mix at home!

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