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The Honey's Kettle Story

At Honey’s Kettle, we’ve rediscovered the lost art of Kettle cooking. Our method has been perfected over generations of iteration and our Founder’s 45+ years of experience. Our deep kettle drums allow intense fire to tenderize our marinated chicken and seal in the natural juices. A modern take on a traditional method - a New, Old-Fashioned company.

We guarantee that Honey’s family of products will always exceed our unreasonable standards for freshness, quality and love.

The Honey's Kettle Story
Fried Chicken to be Proud of

Fresh Fried Chicken & Old-Fashioned Scratch Kitchen

Our famous “fresh fried chicken” is hand-dipped to perfection in our deep kettle drums, cooked to a vibrant golden color, with a moist / flavorful interior and crispy / crackly exterior. Each bite pairs well with our hand rolled buttermilk biscuits, kettle cooked fries, locally sourced honey, sweet pickles, Ice-Shaker lemonade, secret sauce, shucked corn, along with the rest of our family of products.

Honey’s Kettle is honored to serve fresh cut, all natural, chicken that is humanely raised with no hormones, additives or antibiotics. We don’t freeze our products, nor do we artificially add flavor. We rely on stone ground herbs, flour, and spices and ingredients to develop our signature taste.

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